Meghan was first introduced to the world of lashing by her mom over five years ago. Since discovering her passion, Meghan has trained with top lash artists and worked with companies like Maven Artistry and Xtreme Lashes, growing her lashing skills along the way. Meghan’s passion for the industry and education is why we are very excited to have her join the LashPro Academy team of educators for 2017. As the saying goes, it doesn’t feel like a job when you love what you do!

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Beauty begins with the eyes!
Since 2011 Anna has been living and working in New York City, the fashion capital of the world! Her extensive training in the USA and her home country of Russia, has fueled her passion for growing her business and skills to deliver the best possible services to her clients. She is a perfectionist by nature, a lifetime learner and her goal is simple: to make every client feel gorgeous. Anna’s passion and dedication to the industry is just one of the many reasons she will be one of our new LashPro Academy educators!

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Vannie was a full time nursing student, working in a clinic 3-4 days a week and a hostess when her love for lashing came about over two years ago. Today, after juggling heavy duty roles, she is a graduated registered nursing professional, has her own successful lash business, and is making connections across social media with like-minded lash lovers. Vannie is passionate about empowering aspiring artists in the lash industry (+ those thinking about getting into the lash industry), to step out of their comfort zone and feel confident that they too can be their own boss in a career they love. Our LashPro Academy is very lucky to have Vannie as one of our 2017 educators!

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Jess began her lash journey specializing in brows after developing her skills and passion at Etsi beauty school. After deciding she wanted expand her career into brows + lashes, she researched, trained and practiced her skills until she became a fully licensed and fully booked lash + brow artist! She is excited to inspire others to go out and find their passions and looks forward to what the next year has in store for her career. Jess’s drive to empower other women to develop their businesses and be their own boss is one of the many reasons we’re excited for Jess to join the LashPro Academy team of educators in 2017!

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Taelor’s lash career started at Aveda Institute where she took a class to learn classic lashes. After realising her passion for lashes, Taelor worked at a local salon to develop her speed, technique and experience. She was certified in volume lashes with Borboleta started her own lash business while working closely with Borboleta’s director of education, Kelly Clark. Taelor’s growth and excitement for the lash industry is why Sugarlash PRO is super excited she wanted to be a part of our LashPro Academy educator team + Pro Squad!

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With a passion for makeup and artistry at an early age, Sarah pursued an extensive education taking that took her all over the world, studying with top makeup artists and lash stylists. As an artist and educator Sarah continues to explore the latest lashing techniques, regularly training with world renowned lash stylists. Her work has been featured in top publications + fashion shows including Harper’s Bizarre and Tom Ford Runway Show, and her client list includes (just to name a few) Petra Stunt, Barbara Bach and Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

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