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Classic Collective.

The world’s first FULLY comprehensive lash program to combine both online and hands-on education in one course.

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Upon registration of our Classic Collective LIVE training, you’ll have immediate access to our full corresponding online course ($795 value) to work through theory and practice at home before class to give you the strongest start. In class, we focus solely on application and one on one time with your LashPRO Academy instructor to finesse and perfect your technique. Our award-winning academy produces the strongest lash artists in the industry.

Lifetime Online Training Access
Limited Edition Manual
Practice Kit + Class Kit
16 hours practical application
Waivers & Client Sheets
Certificate after Exam


All Classic Collective students should complete the online Classic course ahead of live training. On day ONE, LashPRO Academy educators will take students through lash theory, including understanding lash types, sizes, selection, products, and application. Afterwards, students will get hands-on technique practice. On day two, LashPRO Academy educators will reinforce theories. Students will then spend the day practicing on live models. Please note: students must bring their own live model.

  • Eye Conditions and Safety
  • Product Theory
  • Advanced Gel Pad Application
  • Set Up + Posture
  • Adhesive 101
  • Safety Protocols
  • Texturizing and Feathering
  • Capping Techniques
  • Curl Mixing and Layering
  • 4 Isolation Techniques
  • Advanced Bonding Techniques
  • 5 Step Application Method
  • Retention Troubleshooting
  • Styling Fundamentals
  • Client Consultation
  • Infill and Removal Procedures
  • Photography 101
  • Pricing
  • Intro to Social Media + Marketing

LashPRO Academy believes that certification is earned, not bought. All LashPRO Academy students must meet high standards in order to be certified. When students are ready to be certified, they will be required to pass both a theory and practical exam via video call where they will be assessed by a LashPRO Academy proctor on a number of criteria such as: isolation, adhesive control, and direction. Once students pass their exams, they will be mailed their LashPRO Academy certification.

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LashPRO Academy has gone International! With courses from Miami to Melbourne, and Vancouver to Vietnam, you can experience the most cutting-edge lash curriculum.

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