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    LashSTYLE ONLINE Course

    In our LashSTYLE course, transform each lash set into a customized application to provide every client with better symmetry, and facial balance. Using our LashSTYLE formula, you will learn how to assess face shapes, bone structure and eye types and create a corrective style and framing for each client, to optimize their unique beauty.

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    The Lash Lift Course Online

    Lash Lifting is the new-age eyelash perm sweeping the industry, and the low-maintenance lash treatment your clients never knew they needed.

    In The Lash Lift Course, our resident Lash Lift Queen will walk you through every step of the lash lifting procedure from client consultation to performing the perfect lift to troubleshooting results. After four in-depth video modules you’ll be ready to add this trendy service to your menu, and start attracting a whole new clientele to your business. We promise you’ll wonder why you didn’t take this course sooner.