Part of being a successful lash artist means creating a well-rounded service menu. In this course, you’ll learn how to perform the low maintenance lash curling service that beauty magazines can’t stop talking about.


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CurlPerfect Lash Lift faq


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What's Included?

Lifetime access,
4 video lessons,
Full Lash Lift Kit,
Downloadable Lash Lift Manual,
Waivers and client file sheets,


Q: What do you charge for this service?
A: In our salon we charge $80 CAD / $60 USD for a basic lift, and $120 CAD / $90 USD for a lift and tint but you can certainly charge what you feel is fair market value in your area.

Q: Does Sugarlash PRO sell tint?
A: No, at this point in time we do not carry eyelash tint.

Q: What if I don’t want to tint lashes in the Lash Lift process?
A: Tinting is not required when performing a The Lash Lift. In the manual, we show you at what point in the process you could apply the tint, but it is not necessary.

Q: How long does the Lash Lift last for?
A: 6-8 weeks depending on the client’s natural lash cycle. Some clients have lift for up to 12 weeks depending on their lash growth cycle!

Q: Do any of the Curlperfect Lash Lift lotions contain Cyanoacrylate?
A: The Lash Lift service does not contain any Cyanoacrylate which is the main ingredient in eyelash extension adhesive. If they have reacted to extensions in the past they will most likely be fine with a lift.

Q: How long does the service take?
A: The appointment time ranges from 35 minutes (without tint) to 55 minutes if the tint is added as step 3 (optional).

Q: Can I perform a Lash Lift on a pregnant or breastfeeding women?
A: All pregnant or breastfeeding women should obtain a doctor's note before receiving a lash lift.