lashpro accelerator
online course

A 35-week online course designed for trained lash artists who are looking to transform their skills as business owners, and this year, we’ve combined our favourite video modules from last year with brand new content requested by you!


  • 35-Weeks
  • 60+ modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • private support
  • live monthly coaching calls
  • 13 educators
  • limited enrollment
  • hands-on practice
the first
course of its kind

The first eyelash course of its kind to combine education in branding, marketing, business skills, lashing and self-care into one intensive online program.

You’ve been trained in lash artistry, but no one taught you about the other side of the industry. You have too few clients (or too many), and you want to know how to attract and retain the right clientele for you. You want to learn how to use social media to grow your lash business, to build a brand that is uniquely yours, to effectively manage scheduling, pricing, and employees, but most importantly, to become the most proficient lash artist and successful business owner you can be.