LashPRO AcceleratorSpring 2019

LashPRO Accelerator is a 35-week online course designed for trained lash artists who are looking to transform their skills as business owners, and this year, we’ve combined our favourite video modules from last year with brand new content requested by you!


978 in stock



978 in stock

What you’ll get:

  • 1-2 video modules per week focusing on one of our 5 business fundamentals
  • Suggested homework and hands-on practise
  • Lifetime access to all online modules
  • 8 Live Sessions (monthly conference calls) with Courtney Buhler

Module Overview

    • Start up marketing
    • Advertising
    • How to use Instagram for your lash business
    • How to use Facebook for your lash business
    • How to use Pinterest for your lash business
    • Collabs based on your ideal client
    • Expansion: tips for hiring
    • Lash photography makeup
    • Photography for your business
    • Curl effects
    • Choosing lash length/thickness
    • Using L and L+ lashes
    • Mega volume
    • Russian wings
    • Eye shapes and effects
    • Eye conditions, safety and allergic reactions
    • Breaking the rules
    • The perfect fan
    • Wrapping volume fans
    • Advanced gel pad application
    • Sanitation
    • Oily and dry
    • Inner lash tutorial
    • Finding the tweezer “sweet spot” and angles
    • Difficult growth patterns
    • Bridging lash gaps
    • Hormones and lashes
    • Implementing volume lashing
    • Retention troubleshooting
    • Adhesive 101 and trying again after an allergic reaction
    • Experiment: Lash adhesive on different surfaces
    • Finding your why
    • Finding your dream client
    • Logo design/visual identity
    • Finding your business standing points and USP
    • Lash menu and pricing
    • Website design
    • Social media design and setup
    • Mindfulness and work/life balance
    • Posture and your lashing career
    • Lashing while pregnant (and catering to a pregnant client)

Guest speaker

• Access to our private LashPRO Accelerator ™ forum
• 10% off any LashPRO Academy training courses (hands-on or online) for life

Video Modules

1-2 video modules will be released every Sunday. New videos will automatically appear in the side menu of your student account each week.


We are offering  payment options to help 2018 become the year you transform your business

  1. Purchase full payment and receive 15% off
  2. Pay your tuition in 9 monthly installments of $222.

LashPRO Accelerator™ 2018 combines our favourite video modules from last year with brand new content, requested by you!


At LashPRO Academy we’re always seeking ways to build courses with more information, more practical knowledge, and more of what our students want to learn. That’s why every year we add brand new video modules to LashPRO Accelerator™. As an alumnus of LashPRO Accelerator™, you can continue your education by subscribing to new content every year with a small re-subscription fee. With this fee you’ll gain access to all of that year’s new video modules at once, so you can watch them at your own pace.