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Certification Call

Certification Call

Congratulations! You’ve completed The Classic Course online! But don’t stop now! Join the ranks of LashPRO Certified Artists around the globe taking the lash industry to the next level. When you become a LashPRO Certified Artist, you let your clients know that their lashes are in the hands of someone who has not only completed a comprehensive eyelash training course but has proven their skill in lash artistry.

If you would like to become a LashPRO Certified Artist, please email onlinetraining@sugarlashpro.com to schedule a video call with one of our proctors. You can schedule it today, in a few weeks, or months down the road—whenever you feel ready to take the next step in your lashing career. If you're brand new to lashing, we recommend completing at least five-ten sets on a live model before booking your certification call. For now, please email onlinetraining@sugarlashpro.com so they can send you your document of completion!

Here are a few things to keep in mind leading up to and during your call:

  • Calls are available to schedule between Monday-Friday 10.00 and 3:00 MDT. We will need at least 3 weeks notice. 
  • The certification call will take place over Zoom Video. (Please have this app downloaded to the device you will be using prior to your scheduled call).
  • The call will last approximately 30 minutes as a proctor checks through your lash set and asks you a few questions.
  • You must complete a full Classic set on a live model and a new set of eye pads should be applied prior to the call. Send a shot of your model's eyes before they receive the service to onlinetraining@sugarlashpro.com
  • You will need a friend to hold your phone or tablet while you guide our proctors through the lashes with tweezers.
  • Ensure you are in a space with adequate lighting or utilize your Glamcor light.
  • You will be required to tell your proctor your model’s natural lash length and thickness, the lash types you used on your model and why.
  • You will be required to show your proctor proof of clean isolation, adhesive control, and exceptional bonds.
  • You will be graded according to our Certification criteria, and if you pass, you will be awarded LashPRO Certification!
  • If you don’t pass your Certification call, don’t sweat it! Your proctor will let you know the areas you could improve in, and you will be encouraged to schedule another call when you feel ready.