Debbie Vo - LashPRO Academy by Sugarlash PRO
Debbie Vo

Whether it’s creating a custom lash look for a client, or nailing a jump shot on the basketball court, Debbie Vo knows how to tackle a challenge. She’s a total sports buff whose resolve and competitive spirit make her a perfect fit for the constantly evolving, fast-growing lash industry. Despite being certified for two years and taking a slew of SugarLash PRO’s courses, including Lash Lift, Advanced Bridging and Lashing, and Volume, Debbie still sees herself as a lifelong student with an endless future of lash studies. Unsurprisingly, this tenacious Torontonian recently enrolled in the LashPRO Accelerator program to sharpen her skills as an all-round lash artist and entrepreneur. Beyond the business side, however, lies an opportunity to educate people about about the lash industry. Like many lash educators, Debbie still sees a stream of wary clients who assume that lash extensions are damaging or are bad for eye health — converting the skeptics with good information and impeccable application is now her top priority. The right lash placement and the perfect custom lash design go a long way to boosting anyone’s confidence and self-esteem, and for Debbie, elevating each client’s experience lifts lash society as a whole.