Derek Davenport - LashPRO Academy by Sugarlash PRO
Derek Davenport

As the owner and operator of Urban Routine Spa, Derek Davenport is a self-described “LASH ADDICT” — but he didn’t start that way.  While he did get certified in classic extensions right out of school, it took a stint in corporate management, followed by opening his own spa to get him doing skincare and lashes full time. And much like another famous Kansan, he did find his home — but unlike Dorothy, that home was a passion for lashing, which he considers an art form due to its complexity and opportunities for endless customization. And he’s taken the hours to perfect that art form, believing that a strong educator should know every skill forwards, backwards, sideways, and in their sleep. As a former Sugarlash PRO student with every course under his belt, Derek’s able to bring his experience of success as a testament to the power of good education. “I’ve personally witnessed what it has done for my skills and my business in a short amount of time, so I’m incredibly excited to now be able to train other artists and help them develop their skills and businesses.”