Samantha Taylor - LashPRO Academy by Sugarlash PRO
Samantha Taylor

After years in theatre — and even a stint with the circus! — Samantha Matkovich began her lash journey in 2016, eventually joining SugarLash PRO as an Ambassador in 2017, and now owning and operating Summerhill Lashes in Melbourne, Australia. And while the pro tips (like her beloved lift-and-swipe fanning technique) and products (Uptown Mink lashes have forever captured her heart) continue to impress her, it’s the unique personalities and refined skills of the lash artists she has encountered that cemented her passion for the industry. Once she experienced the confidence boost from her own first set of lashes, she was hooked, and realized it was time to convert others. Armed with SugarLash PRO’s Lash Lift Course, Volume Course, LashPRO Accelerator program, and a Masters in Education, Samantha is a passionate lash educator. She finds it thrilling to meet others with the same drive and and teach them techniques and methods to support a fulfilling career in the lash industry. Part of the allure the creative control, independence, and flexibility that career allows for, but for Samantha, the most exciting aspect is being in an industry that is still so young and has so much room for growth.