Yuel Loo Rafferty - LashPRO Academy by Sugarlash PRO
Yuel Loo Rafferty

As a lash artist in the Bay Area for the past four years, Yuel knows a thing or two about the lash industry. This California beauty junkie has witnessed the evolution from classic technique to a flourishing set of collective studies where new ideas and concepts are developed every day. But what really motivates Yuel? The thrill of seeing her clients glowing with confidence after getting a custom set of extensions combined with the good vibes and supportive empowerment generated by the industry’s artists and entrepreneurs. She believes that the global lash society improves when artists have access to the best products (like her fave SugarLash PRO adhesives, Onyx and Naked Bond) and the best training (Yuel’s ideal educators are both passionate and authentic). As a self-confessed foodie who loves to cook, Yuel knows that what makes a great lash artist is the same thing that goes into the tastiest dishes: preparation and practice. She completed four of SugarLash PRO’s courses, including LashPRO Accelerator and Advanced Bridging and Lash Illusions, and uses her own experience as well as her knowledge of the industry’s history to train others to recognize her philosophy: lashing is an art form that takes good education and lots of practice to master.