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Week 02

Your Ideal Client (Part 1)

Length: 12 minutes

Not all lash businesses market to the same clientele. Some cater to clients of a specific age range, financial demographic, or personality type. So who’s your ideal client, and how do you get them? Find out in this video, as Courtney teaches you how to conduct a SWOT analysis, locate your ideal client, and carve out a niche for yourself in the market!

Your Ideal Client (Part 2)

Length: 4 minutes

Not sure how to begin building your unique client avatar? Figure out just how well you need to know your market, as Courtney profiles the ideal client for her mock business.

Your Business Snapshot

Length: 5 minutes

In this video Sometimes it’s difficult to track your own progress, especially when you’re learning new things! So, with the help of Courtney and our Business Snapshot worksheet, take note of where you are now—brand design, social media followers, number of clients, and more—and at the end of this course see just how far you’ve come.

Finding Your Why

Length: 11 minutes

In this video What drives you? What gets you excited? Why do you do what you do? Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy— that’s why it’s so important to have a clear understanding of what motivates you to be a business owner. Work through your business past, present, and future in this two part module and find your “Why”.

Creating a Brand Board

Length: 6 minutes

In this Video Having a visual representation of your company’s style is a great way to ensure your photography, marketing material, and even your lounge’s aesthetic stay on brand! Learn how to create a brand board designed around your ideal client with colours, textiles, and an overall vibe that you can keep coming back to.

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