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Week 04

Mock Business

Length: 8 minutes

(Follow up to Your Ideal Client video) We’ve seen the hole in the market, created our client avatar, and now it’s time to design a business around our ideal client! Follow Courtney as she goes through the creation of a mock business, and see how easy it is to curate a strong brand when you have a unique client in mind.

Creating a Brand Board

Length: 6 minutes

Having a visual representation of your company’s style is a great way to ensure your photography, marketing material, and even your lounge’s aesthetic stay on brand! Learn how to create a brand board designed around your ideal client with colours, textiles, and an overall vibe that you can keep coming back to.


Length: 12 minutes

Your website is your first point of contact for a lot of clients—it’s where they find your menu, pricing, book their appointments, and learn about your business. Learn which web pages to focus on, how to increase bookings by 25%, and the number one way to make your website stand out!


Length: 5 minutes

In this Video Celebrity clients are a surefire way to get your lash business noticed and your name in the ears of respected beauty professionals in your area. Hear from celebrated lash and makeup artist Sarah Maxwell on attracting celebs to your business, and you could be seeing stars in no time.

Hiring a Designer

Length: 6 minutes

In a visual industry like ours, brand design is a key part of attracting clientele. Kick off design week with tips from Courtney on hiring a designer that gets you.

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