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Week 05

Social Media – Pinterest

Length: 51 minutes

Social media for your business goes way beyond Instagram! Are you utilizing one of the most global platforms out there to get your business recognized? Learn how to establish your brand voice, brand values, and overall brand aesthetic through curated boards, and connect with your ideal client on more levels than just great lashes!

Social Media – Facebook

Length: 40 minutes

Translate your brand identity onto your Facebook Business page by using images and text that speak to your ideal client. Learn how to cater your posts to your unique client avatar, and utilize Facebook’s many business features to your advantage!

Social Media – Instagram

Length: 27 minutes

We saved our favourite social media platform for last! Instagram is a great tool for showing off your lash photos, sharing tips and tricks with your clients and other artists, and expanding your client base. Walk with Courtney as she creates a business Instagram account for Philosophy Lash Lounge, and hear her tips on keeping your feed on point!

Your Ideal Client | 01

Length: 12 minutes

In this Video Not all lash businesses market to the same clientele. Some cater to clients of a specific age range, financial demographic, or personality type. So who’s your ideal client, and how do you get them? Find out in this video, as Courtney teaches you how to conduct a SWOT analysis, locate your ideal client, and carve out a niche for yourself in the market!

Your Ideal Client | 02

Length: 33 minutes

In this Video Not sure how to begin building your unique client avatar? Figure out just how well you need to know your market, as Courtney profiles the ideal client for her mock business.

Client Consultations

Length: 6 minutes

In this video That new lash client is coming in with high lash expectations. The initial consultation helps you understand the best service and styling options to help reach your clients lash goals.

Mock Business

Length: 8 minutes

In this Video (Follow up to Your Ideal Client) We’ve seen the hole in the market, created our client avatar, and now it’s time to design a business around our ideal client! Follow Courtney as she goes through the creation of a mock business, and see how easy it is to curate a strong brand when you have a unique client in mind.

Creating a Brand Board

Length: 6 minutes

In this Video Having a visual representation of your company’s style is a great way to ensure your photography, marketing material, and even your lounge’s aesthetic stay on brand! Learn how to create a brand board designed around your ideal client with colours, textiles, and an overall vibe that you can keep coming back to.


Length: 12 minutes

In this Video Your website is your first point of contact for a lot of clients—it’s where they find your menu, pricing, book their appointments, and learn about your business. Learn which web pages to focus on, how to increase bookings by 25%, and the number one way to make your website stand out!

The Experts: Legalities with Tamsen Horton | 01

Length: 40 minutes

In this Video Have you been Googling the legal aspects of lashes? Look no longer. The next three videos are all you need to start sorting out your business, legally. As an attorney, Tamsen Horton will walk you through many of the questions you may have when looking at your business, including: Starting a Business Incorporating a Business Liabilities Waivers - Do's and Don'ts  Lawsuits and Legal Actions Non-Competes  Reviews and Control And so much more! Lash legally!

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