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Week 08

Sanitization and Sterilization

Length: 7 minutes

Learn Sugarlash PRO’s sanitization method, and why you should go above and beyond for your clients when it comes to cleanliness!

Client Relaxation

Length: 4 minutes

On a scale of one to ten, how zen is your lashing atmosphere? Promoting client relaxation not only benefits your clients, it makes your job a lot easier! Hear from LashPRO Educator Meghan Beck the best ways to promote client relaxation during a lash appointment, and why lash naps are good for everyone.

Social Media – Facebook

In this Video Translate your brand identity onto your Facebook Business page by using images and text that speak to your ideal client. Learn how to cater your posts to your unique client avatar, and utilize Facebook’s many business features to your advantage!

Social Media – Facebook Ads

Length: 13 minutes

In this Video You’ve got unstoppable dreams, but is your marketing budget still catching up to your drive? Breanna explains how to target social media ads for your business as low as $5 a day.

Social Media – Facebook Ads Manager

Length: 6 minutes

In this Video Sugarlash PRO’s resident social media expert, Breanna, goes into full detail on the features and benefits of Facebook Ads manager, and how this powerful tool can help your business grow. 

IG Lives & FB Lives

Length: 8 minutes

In this Video Celebrity clients are a surefire way to get your lash business noticed and your name in the ears of respected beauty professionals in your area. Hear from celebrated lash and makeup artist Sarah Maxwell on attracting celebs to your business, and you could be seeing stars in no time.

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