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Week 12

Do’s and Don’ts for your Professional Photoshoot

Length: 39 minutes

To wing or not to wing? That’s the real question. When it comes to your professional photoshoot, your lash set should be the star of the show—but that means giving your model a makeup look that enhances your work instead of overpowering it. Learn from professional makeup artist and educator Sarah Maxwell the top makeup do’s and don’t’s for a photoshoot that’s all about the lashes!

When to Expand

Length: 5 minutes

In this video Expansion can seem like a big deal. Courtney calms those jitters, with how to identify the right time to grow your business.

Finding the Tweezer “Sweet Spot”

Length: 3 minutes

In this Video Each tweezer is handmade and unique, so finding out where your tweezer has the most grab is essential. Watch LashPRO Academy Educator Jess Brandler share her tips on finding the tweezer sweet spot, for perfect pickup every time!

Paid Advertising (Social Media vs Traditional)

Length: 3 minutes

In this Video Marketing isn’t what it used to be—newspaper ads have made way for sponsored posts on Facebook, and social platforms are constantly coming up with new ways for you to further target your audience. Learn the real cost of those coveted half-page magazine spreads, and why traditional ads might not be right for your business.

Dealing with Copycats

Length: 3 minutes

In this video Imitation is the best form of flattery — but what do you do when someone copies your brand image? Courtney talks about the fine line of flattery and how to address a copycat.

Increase Engagement and Followers

Length: 7 minutes

In this Video Celebrity clients are a surefire way to get your lash business noticed and your name in the ears of respected beauty professionals in your area. Hear from celebrated lash and makeup artist Sarah Maxwell on attracting celebs to your business, and you could be seeing stars in no time.

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