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Week 16

Implementing Volume Lashes

Length: 5 minutes

You’ve learned a new skill! Go you! But when will you be ready to start charging for volume sets? Learn how to seamlessly implement your new volume skills into your current work routine, and price them like a PRO!

Wrapping Volume Fans

Length: 3 minutes

See the perfect wrap in action, and find out if you have what it takes to become the ultimate fan master. (We’re kidding, of course you do!). Learn why wrapping is integral to volume lashing, and how to get a seamless application that sticks!

Using L and L+ Lashes

Length: 20 minutes

In this Video These often overlooked curls might be your new best friend. Learn how to use L and L+ curls in classic and volume lashing to correct downward-facing lashes, and open up deep-set and hooded eyes for sets that WOW!


Length: 20 minutes

In this Video Knowing how to price your service menu can be daunting. In this module, Courtney breaks down the cost of services so you know your margins, and teaches how to price your fills so everyone knows what to expect! Plus, learn how to diversify your menu to retain sensitive clients and increase profit.


Length: 15 minutes

In this Video Courtney examines three businesses to show how your prices affect the clients you attract. Plus, she reveals how she was able to charge double her competitors’ prices in her own lash lounge!

Price Increase

Length: 11 minutes

In this Video After all the work you’ve done building your brand, improving your lash skill, and becoming an all around lash boss, it’s time to increase your prices. Hear from Courtney on how to seamlessly implement a price increase, and attain the ideal client you’ve been working for all along.

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