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Week 20

Social Media For Your Business

Length: 45 minutes

Learn how to make the most of each of your social media accounts with this in-depth marketing module. Follow Courtney as she takes you through social media pages for some prominent beauty brands, grabbing tips and tricks as she goes on how to keep an interactive and engaging presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Using L and L+ Lashes

Length: 20 minutes

These often overlooked curls might be your new best friend. Learn how to use L and L+ curls in classic and volume lashing to correct downward-facing lashes, and open up deep-set and hooded eyes for sets that WOW!

Setting up Your Online Booking System

Length: 7 minutes

In this Video Using a paper calendar is a thing of the past! When it comes to booking your clients, no matter if you're a big, small or solo lash company, an online booking system is a must! - LashPRO Educator Crystal Harvey provides you with a tutorial. 

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