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Week 23

Expert 02: Mindfulness and Meditation with Aimee Zimaro

Length: 38 minutes

Self-care is pivotal to the longevity of your career as a lash artist and a business owner. Mindfulness and meditation are practices you can implement into your daily life to help deal with stress, high blood pressure, weight gain and much more! Watch Aimee Zimaro of Thrive Corporate Wellness talk about the difference between mindfulness and meditation and how to implement each into your daily life.

Bridging Lash Gaps

Length: 7 minutes

Clients may experience lash gaps for a number of reasons—some of which may cause permanent damage—but as a lash artist, you can help bridge these gaps with lash extensions. Learn from LashPRO Academy Educator Christina Ballstaedt how to reduce the appearance of inconsistencies in the lash line with both classic and volume techniques.

Difficult Lash Patterns

Not all lashes are created equal—extremely curly, wonky, or downward-facing lashes often require extra attention and special bonds. Learn from Meghan Beck the best ways to tackle these three types of unruly lashes for a sleek, straight set.

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