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Week 27


Length: 15 minutes

Courtney examines three businesses to show how your prices affect the clients you attract. Plus, she reveals how she was able to charge double her competitors’ prices in her own lash lounge!


Length: 20 minutes

Knowing how to price your service menu can be daunting. In this module, Courtney breaks down the cost of services so you know your margins, and teaches how to price your fills so everyone knows what to expect! Plus, learn how to diversify your menu to retain sensitive clients and increase profit.

Rebuilding After a Move

Length: 3 minutes

In this video Took a lashing hiatus? Whether you welcomed a new member to your family, moved to a new city, or took time to recharge - rebuilding can be daunting. Here, Courtney addresses how to re-establish your business after relocation, or leave of absence.

Mobile Lash Appointments

Length: 11 minutes

In this Video Many lash artists have introduced mobile lashing to their service menu as an option for celebrity clients, and those with very busy schedules. But are they right for your business? Listen to the Queen of Mobile Appointments and celebrity lash artist Sarah Maxwell as she shares her insight into lashing clients on-the-go.

Efficiency and Time Management

Length: 9 minutes

In this Video The key to a profitable lash application is efficiency. Finding ways to manage your appointments effectively, incorporate time-saving habits into your prep and application, and hold yourself accountable to time restrictions will help ensure your lash appointments become more efficient and profitable. And that’s exactly what Jess Brandler is going to teach you!

Time Saving Tips

Length: 6 minutes

In this video Part of being a successful lash artist is optimizing your time so you can not only spend more time taking clients, but you can free up home time to do more of the things you love with the people you love! Take a few hints from Courtney, as she reveals the best ways to save time in your business.

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