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Week 32

Lashing while pregnant

Length: 7 minutes

Whether you’re pregnant, or you have a client who is, there are some changes you’ll have to implement in your service to make sure everyone stays happy, comfortable, and safe. Hear from Taelor (a pregnant lash artist and lash client!) on her tips for lashing while pregnant.

Implementing Volume Lashes

Length: 5 minutes

In this Video You’ve learned a new skill! Go you! But when will you be ready to start charging for volume sets? Learn how to seamlessly implement your new volume skills into your current work routine, and price them like a PRO!

The Perfect Fan

Length: 14 minutes

In this Video Creating a consistently perfect fan is every volume artist’s dream. Learn from LashPRO Academy Educator Vannie Llamas on controlling your adhesive for a fluffy fan that doesn’t close, the best pickup methods to keep fan spacing even, which D is right for your client, and more in this informative video.

Wrapping Volume Fans

Length: 3 minutes

In this Video See the perfect wrap in action, and find out if you have what it takes to become the ultimate fan master. (We’re kidding, of course you do!). Learn why wrapping is integral to volume lashing, and how to get a seamless application that sticks!

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