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Week 09

Generating Referrals

Length: 7 minutes

In this Video With the rise of social media and user-generated content, people are looking to trusted sources for recommendations. Learn how to utilize (and reward!) your current clientele with referral incentives, and nail-down collabs and sponsorships to get your business talked about by people your future clients trust!

SEO for Web

Length: 3 minutes

In this Video Where does your website currently rank on Google? And how do you get it onto page 1!? SEO is the answer, and it’s your website’s new best friend!

Paid Advertising (Social Media vs Traditional)

Length: 3 minutes

In this Video Marketing isn’t what it used to be—newspaper ads have made way for sponsored posts on Facebook, and social platforms are constantly coming up with new ways for you to further target your audience. Learn the real cost of those coveted half-page magazine spreads, and why traditional ads might not be right for your business.

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