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Week 16

The Experts — Lawyer: Noori Sidhu

Length: 28 minutes

Knowing the legal in's and out's of your lashing business is essential. Learn about liability, legal business registration, and how to deal with copyright infringement.

The Experts: Legalities with Tamsen Horton | 01

Length: 40 minutes

In this Video Have you been Googling the legal aspects of lashes? Look no longer. The next three videos are all you need to start sorting out your business, legally. As an attorney, Tamsen Horton will walk you through many of the questions you may have when looking at your business, including: Starting a Business Incorporating a Business Liabilities Waivers - Do's and Don'ts  Lawsuits and Legal Actions Non-Competes  Reviews and Control And so much more! Lash legally!

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