Sugarlash PRO Collectives

No time for a full, multi-week styling or business course? Knowledgeable about most areas but want to master a particular skill? Collectives gives you the freedom of choice, efficiency, and affordability! We’ve taken our award-winning education and broken it up into manageable collectives of 1-4 modules apiece, so that you can become an expert in a specific topic in less than 3 hours! 

Business Collectives

It’s time to accelerate your business, but you need the expertise — and when you’re a busy lash juggling your life and career, there’s no time to get a full business education all at once. Business Collective’s bite-size modules help you target precise issues and hone specific, manageable skills to help your lash venture thrive — in 120 minutes or less! 

With 15 modules to choose from, Business Collectives let you pinpoint topics to develop skills in just a few lessons! The best part? You can be a topic expert in UNDER TWO HOURS!

LashSTYLE Collectives

LashSTYLE Collectives teach you how to use lash artistry to execute every lash trend with panache, and correct facial imbalances with precision, without having to complete a full styling course! These bite-size, manageable collectives include themed modules, letting you select particular areas of styling you want to concentrate on. 

From facial measurement how-tos, to transitioning curls, to creating specific styles like the always-trendy Cat Eye, LashSTYLE Collectives allow you to choose from over 13 different skill areas, letting you optimize your time! In under 3 hours, each collective will have you styling like a pro – and your clients looking and feeling their very best.