The Classic Course

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Classic lashing is the foundation of any lash artist’s career and is the art of applying one eyelash extension per one natural eyelash. In the Classic Course, students will learn fundamental lashing techniques including natural lash isolation, creating optimal bonds, workplace setup, troubleshooting retention issues, styling and more! Our Classic manual has been tested and approved by a team of professional lash artists. So whether you’re taking the Classic Course at one of our hands-on training events across North America, or online, you know you’re getting the best quality education the lash industry has to offer.


  1. Product and application theory

    Learn everything you need to know about keeping your clients’ eyes healthy with sections on eye health, the eyelash growth cycle, lash extension types and which to choose for your client, signs of stress on the lashes, and controlling your adhesive.

  2. Sanitation and sterilization

    Keeping a clean and organized workspace (and a clean self!) ensures safe application, and is important for maintaining trust with your clients! Learn LashPRO Academy’s methods for sanitation, and the best practices to keep your clients safe and healthy!

  3. Eye health conditions and allergies

    Learn to recognize signs of allergic reaction, common eye conditions, and how to have clients back after a reaction.

  4. Workspace setup

    Discover the best workplace setup for you with a variety of palette and adhesive options, and learn how to create a comfortable experience for your client.

  5. Lash artist health

    Maintaining your own health is just as important as looking after your clients’! Learn proper posture, lighting, ventilation, and bed and stool set up to keep your body in good lashing form.

  6. Preparing your client

    Learn how to properly prep your client for their lash application, including procedures for cleansing, priming, and isolating lower lashes.

  7. Lash style guide

    No two lash sets are created equal. Learn how to set a style map, strategically, mix curls, and use your clients’ unique eye shapes, planes, and sets, to create the most complimentary lash extension set.

  8. Isolating lashes and bond types

    Learn how to properly isolate natural lashes for safe application using a variety of methods, and begin your application knowledge with sections on picking up individual extensions, and dipping them for a perfect bond!

  9. Application process and techniques

    This modules goes through the foundational processes included in lash extension application including creating different bond types, extending problem lashes, LashPRO Academy’s 5-step application method, and checking your coverage.

  10. Fill appointments

    Learn how to change length, style, and implement capping at your fill appointments!

  11. Aftercare tips and analyzing shed patterns

    Part of keeping lash sets looking amazing is good client aftercare! Learn how your clients can keep their extensions looking great until their next fill with “do’s” and “don’t’s”, ingredients to avoid, and common causes of premature shedding.

  12. Removal techniques

    Learn safe removal techniques for one lash or a full set!


In-depth Classic manual / workbook
10% off one Sugarlash PRO order
Waivers / Client file sheets
Access to our student forum on Facebook
Document of completion

+ Students taking hands-on
classes will receive

Two full days of hands-on teaching
A PRO kit (with the option of upgrading to the Elite kit at checkout)
Access to our Theory video ahead of class
25% off Accelerator course
10% off all online courses
Free attendance to a certification event
Breakfast, lunch and refreshments for two day duration


1 mannequin head / 1 box of practice lashes / 1 mister  / 5 lash trays  / 4 tweezers  / 1 adhesive (needs box)  / 10 pairs of gel pads  / 1 lash prep oily  / 1 lash prep / 1 crystal stone  / 1 adhesive film  / 1 mascara spoolies  / 1 flocked applicators  / 1 lash pure cleanser


1 mannequin head / 1 box of “practice lashes”  / 1 mister  / 10 lash trays  / 6 tweezers  / 2 adhesive (needs box)  / 30 pairs of gel pads  / 1 lash prep oily  / 1 lash prep  / 1 crystal stone  / 1 adhesive plate / 1 mascara spoolies  / 1 flocked applicators  / 1 lash pure cleanser  / 1 glamcor light (classic elite)

*The Pilot courses will come with the PRO Kit. The Elite Kit will be available as an upgrade in following hands-on classes.

Hands-on vs Online

We get that everyone learns differently. That’s why we offer Classic training both online and in hands-on classes. Our hands-on training events are held in beautiful spaces across North America, and are perfect for students who learn best by doing. Hands-on students learn all the fundamentals of classic lash application and styling in small class sizes for maximum one-on-one time with our educators. They’ll also spend more time on practical lash application than in any other classic course we’ve heard of! For those unable to make it to a hands-on event, those who learn better in a self-paced environment, and those who are just busy—we’ve created an online Classic Course just for you! Online students learn the same curriculum as hands-on students, but at their own pace. They have unlimited access to course modules, meaning they can rewatch, relearn, or refresh their classic skills at any time, and they can do so from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection! Classic lash training on a beach? Yes please.

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*We will be posting launch dates for The Classic Course soon!*